Tour de France Season 2019


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PlayStation 4 –

The iconic and most popular cycling race in the world is coming to console 2019! The game will continue to provide all the official content of the Tour de France, including teams, cyclists, the same new stages as the real-world race, and official sponsors. But more than just an update to the previous game, the studio has integrated many community requests and extended the scope of the experience. Online competitions are now available. Two to four players can challenge themselves in a variety of races. Sprints – After Descent, players can challenge each other in the Sprint Mode. One of the oldest cycling races, Le Tour des Flandres, is now in the game. All 21 stages have been faithfully reproduced, so players can ride from Belgium to the South of France and finish the race on the Champs-Elysees! Players can lead their national team and race for victory as team manager or team leader.