Terminator: Genisys


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The Terminator always promised he’d be back, and in this reboot, he fulfills his promise. Terminator: Genisys isn’t a complete retelling of the original. Instead, it keeps the most iconic, memorable scenes from the first movie but gives everything a fresh twist. Like the first Terminator movie, the story is set in 1984. Kyle Reese leaves a dystopian future and time-travels to the past to save Sarah Connor, the key to monumental future events. The Terminator comes through the time tube too, and he wants to kill Connor. This time – due to a mixed-up timeline – Sarah Connor is a trained warrior and has a Terminator of her own to protect her (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Reese, Connor, and the good Terminator square off against the evil Terminator and embark on a quest to save the future.