Splatoon 2 – Switch


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Nintendo Switch – Take part in the epic turf wars of this must-play Nintendo Switch shooter. The action is fast, crazy, and seriously fun as you and your teammates battle with colorful ink in the city of Inkopolis. Splatoon 2 features all kinds of character customization options, so your avatar can rock the latest trends in Inkopolis fashion. There are new weapons and gear too, including the mighty Splat Dualies that put ink guns in both hands. Tried-and-true favorite weapons like chargers and rollers return, but they’ve been tweaked to give you new tactical options. Whether you play the single-player campaign, go online with Turf War, or try the brand-new Salmon Run, Splatoon 2 is guaranteed to make you happy. Plus, it’s on the Switch, so you can take it on the road!