Professor Rubik’s Brain Fitness


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PlayStation 4 –

Good old Rubik’s is back in a brand-new shape! With professor Rubik’s, get you brain back on track in a new brain fitness game. He is ready to test you with fast and amusing mini-games daily and see how much brain power you have! Train the different areas of your brain such as your memory, concentration, or your 3D visualization with colorful challenges. Play a wide range of mini-games with four different play modes, alone or with your friends. Also, rediscover famous games in a Rubik’s version with 20483, Tetrubik, and more! Professor Rubik’s is there to be your dedicated coach. He will track your training, adapt your training program, and be a true coach for you. With him on your side, you won’t miss a single day of training and will progress faster than ever!