Ghost in the Shell (2017)


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This visually stylish sci-fi story is set in a near-future dystopia. Cybernetic enhancements are nearly universal, but Major’s augmentations are even more advanced than most. After a horrible accident nearly kills the human who will become Major, her mind is transferred to an entirely artificial body, capable of superhuman feats. Inhabiting a body built by the world’s leading robotics company, Major sets out to stop a new breed of terrorist who targets people’s minds and hacks them. As she tracks down the villain Kuze, software glitches give Major disturbing glimpses that suggest the world is not as it seems. Confused about who her true enemy is, Major sets out to reclaim her own history. With its unforgettable visual depiction of the future and a killer performance from Scarlett Johansson, Ghost in the Shell is a sci-fi winner.