Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


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Nintendo Switch –

Nintendo’s legendary ape family is back! Not only are Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong along for the ride, but fan-favorite Cranky Kong is a playable character too. Cranky Kong rides on Donkey Kong’s back in the single-player mode, while the multiplayer mode lets a second player control Cranky directly. Use his cane to bounce from surface to surface and save Donkey Kong Island from the invasion of the chilly Snowmads. If youth is your preferred method of bashing enemies, then use Diddy Kong’s barrel jetpack or Dixie Kong’s spinning ponytail to fight your way through villainous walruses, owls, and penguins. Jump, swim, and pound your way through six different islands in this side-scrolling platform adventure. If you get stuck, the Nintendo Switch version features Funky Kong as a playable character. He can double-jump, hover, roll, and do underwater corkscrews to get you out of trouble.